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Melchor Sahagun III is founder/host of "Words for Wednesdays (on Fridays)", a poetry open-mic held (mostly) monthly since 2011, in his native town of Stockton, CA, where, as a board member of With Our Words, Inc. (a 501c3 Creative/Performing Arts Nonprofit focused in mentoring teens), he has served and continues to serve as Youth Poetry Coordinator/Mentor and Coach of Stockton's Brave New Voices Youth Slam Team since 2014. In his spare time, Melchor skateboards, plays music, writes poetry, reads, and collects (hoards), like, everything. He has three cats (Fiona, Mac, and Annie) that he loves very much and this, he believes, is the most important thing about him worth noting. Melchor maintains an active blog focused on his poetry/general malaise in hopes that sharing can [BLANK]. On a scale of 1 to 10, he's "aiight."

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